Form, Shape, Freedom and Pyjamas?

ZaZing is a brand of contemporary sterling silver jewellery that is handmade by Nikki and Aj (husband and wife). Aj & Nikki originally from the UK moved to New Zealand in 2001. In 2006 they began a jewellery design and construction class which ignited a passion in them. What started out as a hobby is now becoming a flourishing business.

Aj already had a Diploma in design and relishes taking his design ideas and applying them to jewellery pieces others will enjoy wearing. He loves the idea that you can wear art rather than hanging it on the wall. Aj takes his inspiration from architecture and natural form and adapts them to make artisan jewellery.

Nikki has always had an eye for jewellery and has been creating it in various forms for twenty or so years. It was a natural progression to move on to metal and stones. What began as a hobby is now Nikki’s passion and keeps her sane (she is also a Mum to two busy young boys). Nikki appreciates the creative process as much as she enjoys having a finished 3 dimensional piece that will be worn, cherished and handed down to family members.
It still gives us a buzz that our jewellery is being worn all around the world and that is awesome!